Review: I Hate Everyone But You

If you’ve ever had a piece of candy and later found out it was good for you? No because something like that doesn’t exist? Well you’re right, but if it existed, I Hate Everyone But You, would be the book equivalent. This is a strained metaphor to be sure, but just go with it.

A Life Course and Gay Marriage

"So, is it different being married?"When people ask, I usually say, "Yes, now I have decent appliances!" Or, “Sure! This extra debt is very rewarding.” Or better yet, “Absolutely, now we can claim our cat as a dependant.” It's easier to say something snide since I still don't really have a thoughtful or heartfelt answer to this — at least none that I'll admit to.

Under the Lens of the Investigaytors

This publication highlights some of the findings from our Investigaytors and demonstrates the success of our program. Indeed, the program successfully accomplished its goal of building the capacity of young gay men to understand, critique and perform research.

Emotional Health at University

I always thought my friends were lucky living in residence, especially the gay ones.  For the first time in their lives they had the freedom to live out their big gay life, without the scrutiny or the rules of their parents.  However they too were not immune to the effects of stress.

Gay Superheroes

Like many homos, I really fell for the combination of hot guys and the anonymity and mystique of having two personas. I suppose it resonated with something even I didn’t really know about yet...